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We have raised the bar in bringing you “Espresso”. It is an incredible trinity of Sumatran, Columbian, and Panamanian coffee beans that creates an emulsified oil layer of crema so delicious, it's rumored to be forbidden to the masses by a handful of dictators. Like all the beans at Barista Bean Lab, we provide nothing but Grade 1: Specialty Coffee Beans. This is the highest grade that can be allotted to coffee beans and is usually given to specialty coffee beans that are said to have no inherent defects. 


This esoteric roast is for those who are unshakable during the greatest challenges of life and continue to steam forward with a determination of positivity.

Historical Significance

During World War 1, Latvia was a major battle ground taken over by German troops. Over 87,000 buildings were destroyed, and a quarter of the land was ruined. In late 1918, a week after the war ended, Latvia declared its independence and started to rebuild. As a new country, Latvia needed to create its own postage stamps. However, because of the war, there was a severe paper shortage. The hardy and innovative people of Latvia printed their new stamps on the blank back sides of the high-quality paper military maps left behind by the German Army. The front logo shows the first stamp printed by Latvia and the back logo has a boarder of the map that were used by the Germans to invade Latvia.

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