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Hot Drinks

We have love for our planet which is why our cups are compostable (12oz, 16oz, & 20oz), and we don't serve Almond milk (1 single almond requires 1-3 gallons of water to grow and mature). We offer Whole, Non-Fat, Soy, Oat, Pistachio, Heavy Cream, and Macadamia milks.

Oregon's Moose Macchiato

Vanilla mixed with steamed milk (Non-fat, 2%, Whole, Oat, Macadamia Nut, or Soy) covered with a wet foam that is "marked" by a double shot of espresso and topped with ribbons of Ghirardelli Chocolate and Caramel.

Pour-Over Coffee

Every cup of coffee we serve is made per order. We measure out our flagship roast "The Dean" for every cup and freshly grind it in front of you. We preheat every cup to ensure your coffee doesn't get a cold shock when it reaches your cup. Great things come to those who wait and this is well worth the wait.


Double shot of espresso whisked with your choice of either Ghirardelli Chocolate or White Chocolate, then swirled with steamed milk, covered with a wet foam and topped with your choice of freshly grated White, Milk, or Dark chocolate shavings.


Double shot of espresso poured over hot water. The American get up and go!


Italian for "little cap". Served traditional Italian with equal parts espresso and steamed milk foam with a dollop of milk. Don't forget to ask for a faint whisp of cinnamon.

Flat White (New Zealand Style)

This flat white is served that traditional New Zealand style of 1 part espresso with 3 parts flat (no foam) seamed milk poured on top. It's not quite a cortado and definitely not a latte.

Nordic Mocha

Double shot of espresso mixed with vanilla and Ghirardelli Chocolate, then is swirled with steamed oat milk, topped with with a wet foam, freshly grated dark and white chocolate shavings and a sprinkle of orange zest.


Double shot of espresso, swirled with steamed milk and covered with a wet foam.


Can be flavored with...

Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, or Spiced Brown Sugar

Hot Cocoa

Classic deliciousness you can wrap your hands around. Topped with your choice of freshly grated White, Milk, or Dark chocolate shavings.


Traditional equal parts espresso to steamed milk. Short, simple, delicious.

Latte Macchiato

Translated to English as "Marked". Served in the traditional Italian way. Steamed milk with a creamy foam layer and marked with a small dollop of espresso.

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