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The Dean

Our flagship roast. It is a flavorful medium roast where the mixture of coffee beans are grown at altitudes from 4,900' (1,500m) to 7,200' (2,200m). Because of these higher altitudes, the beans have a longer maturation process which permeates them with more complex sugars, yielding deeper and more complex flavors. The better drainage at high altitudes also reduces the amount of water in the fruit resulting in an even further concentration of flavors. This roast is both Ethiopian Sidamo and Papua New Guinea. The Ethiopian Sidamo brings spice and citrus notes, crisp acidity and a rich body. The Papua New Guinea creates notes of chocolate, black cherry and maple.


Together they create what might be, the best coffee ever.


* (Bold statement, but we're just repeating what others have said about it.)

Historical Significance

(DLR) Dean Lake Ray was a pilot in the United States Army Air Force demonstration team. While the Team was on a Latin American Tour in Nicaragua, Captain Ray's aircraft suffered an malfunction. In his attempt to land, his F-86 Sabre Jet suffered a complete flame out when turning to final. At this point he and his aircraft were aimed directly at the audience of the airshow.


In this moment, Capt. Ray chose what was right and not what was easy. Instead of ejecting from the aircraft an saving himself, he piloted the aircraft towards a barren field.


Because of his actions that day, Dean Lake Ray left his family behind to save the countless lives of those whom he never met. The President of Nicaragua not only attended Capt. Ray's funeral, he declared him a National Hero of Nicaragua, and had two stamps made, one of Capt. Ray's bust and the other of his aircraft. These stamps are stored within the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

We can only hope that he is proud of his grandson's life accomplishments including military service and now, owning and operating Barista Bean Lab.

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